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10 Mistakes that Small and mid-size business make when it comes to their data security

Data Security has become one of the recent topics of discussion among small and mid-size businesses. The need for reliable data security is on the minds of many business owners and administrators, because if important data gets leaked, then the business might have to face enormous problems that can create major setbacks that will cost the company plenty of time and many to restore damages.

Well, businesses know how important it is to securely store data, but usually, they don't always have a good data storage plan in place. Some businesses do not understand the need for formal planning about data security. Others feel that they can protect their data with simple common sense. But, let’s discuss the 10 Mistakes that Small and mid-size businesses make when it comes to their data security:


Backing up the information

Most people store their data on their devices. This isn't enough. Your device can get damaged or lost. You need something reliable and credible that stores your data in case of any situation.


Mixing of devices

This is a common mistake made by startups. Lack of resources from company may lead to allowing employees to use their personal devices for office work. This puts highly sensitive data at risk.


Dependency on Smartphone

Due to the commonality of mobile phones, many people don't take them seriously. There are many things that can go wrong with your mobile phone: someone can pick it up and obtain your sensitive information, you can lose your phone or a hacker can get access to the information.


Carelessly storing data

Most people don’t know how to store their data properly. They just use hard-drives or flash drives that increase its chances of getting in the wrong hands. So, it’s not recommended to store and carry your important data in such devices.


Customer Information

Securing the data of customers should be the number one priority for any business. Without customers, the business would fail and without data security, the customers will take their business to a competing company. Never put your customer data at risk.


Keeping financial records intact

It is important for many companies to protect financial information of the business. If accessible to unauthorized users, this information could harm the business's reputation or provide the impetus for legal action against the company. Protecting company information is essential.


Importance of professional assistance

You need the assistance of trained professionals, and if you have not done so already, it is recommended to consider the idea of talking to a trained security consultant.


Storing Customer's Personal Data on Unencrypted USB Drives and CDs

The next mistake is to use unencrypted USB thumb drives or writable CDs to store their customer's personal information. Like email and FTP, USB thumb drives and writable CDs are very convenient to use, affordable and widely compatible with most systems, can also serve as a potential hazard if lost.


Sending Customer Data Using Email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Email and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are good choices for sending quick notes and attachments. But, when the data being transferred is sensitive in nature then choosing email and FTP can put your customer's personal data at risk.


Creating Unencrypted Computer Folders or Drives

Storing your customer's personal data on your desktop computer or laptop hard disks has risks. This invites hackers in case your laptop gets stolen and provides them the access to your customer's personal data even without knowing your system password.

Conclusively, the above-mentioned mistakes are quite common and data security has become a major concern for all kinds of businesses. Remedies to keep your data safe

Remedies to keep your data safe

Storage Devices

Having multiple backup options

External Devices Locker Safety

Protect the sensitive information by storing any kind of external devices in a safe location

Onux Tech - Data Security Plan

Form a data security plan that helps you store information safely and consistently

Complete data protection & Security Services

It is better to hire expert(s) for Complete data protection & Security Services also for they will provide the consistency required for continuous security.

This article was intended to help business owners understand the importance of securing data, backup consistency, and that in most cases it is best to hire a technician or an organization that will execute an intended security and backup plan.

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