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Network Design Services NYC

A network is a necessary means for businesses to share files, internet, and software resources amongst their employees and in some occasions, customers. Networks provide employees with convenience and allow an easy access to all information that is needed for their daily jobs. Onux Technologies stresses the importance of a network setup; creating a rough sketch of what is needed in your workspace is an important part of planning for your network. An important factor to consider as you are creating your network is whether you want a wired or wireless network. Although many prefer a wireless network because it is more comfortable and accessible, a wired network is generally faster, more reliable, and easily secured.

Once you've figured out which network is more desirable, wired or wireless, then you can begin to select your hardware. First you must determine what type of router you need, how many current computers your company will be using, how many computers can be supported by your router, and whether you need a switch to support multiple computers and devices. It is a big inconvenience to constantly change servers, so you may want to consider in buying a server that allows you to grow into your future need. Next, you can begin considering whether your company needs Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and/or WIreless FIdelity (WiFi).

After creating your network setup, you can begin the implementation of your network. A diagram will organize and present you with everything you need for your network to allow you to run your business smoothly.

Technical Support Services Long Island

FIGURE 1 - network and hardware diagram

A company's network should be assembled with care and monitored for any possible repairs. ProActive Support is an Onux Technologies support strategy in which we anticipate customer issues and prevent the need of repairs by monitoring your network and hardware. ProActive Support prevents network failures such as viruses that can attack and corrupt data, internet failure, server outages, and possible hackers. In order to create a proactive environment, Onux Technologies will provide you with network monitoring, protection against viruses, website filtering, internet security, and disaster recovery. Network monitoring allows Onux to constantly monitor your network, manage and rule out any possible problems your company may face. Onux's ProActive Support uses an antivirus software to prevent, detect, and remove any harmful software, we make sure to protect your computers from ransomware, hackers, spyware and other threats, as well as update our software to attack any upcoming problems. Website filtering enables a limit in internet browsing among employees, objective advertising, and supply your network with security from any web-based threats. Onux technologies ProActive support also protects against any human or natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, floods, and robberies.

ProActive Support preserves workflow, network resources, and investments in hardware and network; almost like an insurance policy, ProActive Support that will keep your network running smoothly and efficiently by preventing network and system failures. We would like to ensure our customers to never have to see their servers go down and look into the eyes of catastrophe again.

Cloud Backup

ProActive Support


Because, it isn't smart to wait for things to break, but it is wise to prevent them.

Proactive IT Services Long Island

  • Network Monitoring
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Internet Security
  • Website Filtering
  • Multi-level Backups
  • Unlimited Technical Support

Technical Support

The IT industry has a broad range of services. That is why at Onux Technologies our technicians are experts in a specific service, ranging from basic networking, voice over the internet, MS exchange server & many more. Let us be your technical support team.

Proactive IT Services Long Island


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