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The importance of updates in Operating System

Organizations and businesses today must be attentive to updates of programs and operating systems for data security. It is not only to improve the functionality of a program with a new version but to maintain its security as vulnerabilities are discovered.

In each of the existing operating systems, Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, etc. They each have their own update rules. For example, Microsoft launches its security bulletins on the second Tuesday of each month, and with them, the vulnerabilities are patched, the small holes that could cause in many cases that attacker access through Windows and take control of our computer.

Sometimes updates are not installed due to ignorance, lack of time, or lack of a centralized system for them. Regardless of the type of operating system used by your organization and the programs we have, it is something that is sometimes put aside.

Many value the risk of attack as scarce and invest their time in other issues that they consider more important or profitable for their business, but although the risk is low, the level of damage an attacker can do to our company is immense, so It is not advisable to be careless in these matters.


Sometimes we ask ourselves: Are updates to our operating system important? And the answer to this question is very easy. They are fundamental. The first thing to know is that a software developer does not make updates because he does not have something better to do, he does them because he considers that they are necessary for the proper functioning of his system.

Many critics think that Windows systems have an excessive amount of updates, that many are useless and should not be installed.

There are several types of updates in the different versions of Windows, they receive different names, although their functionalities are very similar.

The importance of updates in Operating System


Important updates

Are those updates that directly influence the performance of the system or its security.


Recommended updates

Are those updates that represent an improvement on the system, although they do not directly influence its performance or security, for example, driver updates included in Windows.


Optional updates

They are updates that do not really imply any improvement in the system, such as the attached programs (for example, Windows Live Messenger).

Updates to the Windows Defender definitions are considered important since they directly affect the security of our system, protecting us against viruses, Trojans, etc.


Vulnerabilities exist because system developers are people, and as such, they are likely to make mistakes. Each time a vulnerability is discovered, it is corrected, and the associated "patch" is published so that everyone can correct the error.

The importance of updates in Operating System

Although it can be thought that it is difficult for all the conditions of vulnerability, exploits, non-patches, and unpatched systems to exist, this is common and is demonstrated by a large number of worms that have been circulating on the Internet for a long time.

If any program in the system has a programming error, it is vulnerable, and as a result, the system as a whole is also vulnerable.

Now, after the explanation of all the necessary malware issues, a victim, the user, is required to execute the malicious code. Therefore, and to prevent cases such as these from continuing to appear, two different actions can be considered that, ultimately, always involve the user:


The first solution is absolutely educational and goes through the correct use of technology. Currently, most existing malware enters the system because a victim opens a door: in the cited example, the user downloads and executes an attachment.


This happens because cheating techniques are used, with the aim of ensuring that some file is executed in the system (in the case of worms and Trojans) or certain personal data (in the case of phishing) is entered, generally.


The second solution is technical and involves the user as long as he must be aware of the importance of the updates. It is vitally important to take into account all system updates and software products installed every time one of them arises and then evaluate the technical feasibility of such installation. This feasibility, in the case of corporations, is usually a complex issue since patches must be tested before being implemented. However, in the case of end-users or small home networks, they should not represent major inconveniences.

The importance of updates in Operating System

The updates allow solving the problems found in the software that is used daily. When an error is found in a particular program or system, the provider is informed, who evaluates its importance, develops the solution - usually called a "patch" - and then publicly releases the update. At this time, users should download and install these updates as soon as possible since, when there is an error of this type, it is most likely that it is known by the creators of malware who can take advantage to create new harmful programs. They use security holes to infect systems that still remain out of date.

In recent times, this situation became more important, since after an update was launched that corrects a specific error, criminals analyse the solution and are able to discover what was modified. With this knowledge, they are able to develop new malware if they had not already done so.

In other words, the same update serves as a "tool" to make your programs harmful. Of course, these programs will affect users who have not yet updated their systems. Practice shows that, unfortunately, most users do not update, which is why malware is more effective.

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