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Onux Technologies when we design a website we know what it takes to make a successful website. So whether you just want a makeover or need a completely new site we can help create of recreate your company image on the web.

Small Business Technology Services NYC

Website Development

Creating a website requires a lot of research and planning. It also requires a competent graphic designer and content writer who knows your industry and how to apply their know how to the web. At Onux Technologies our team collaborates to make this all happen. Because we know that graphics alone will not get you the image your want nor the results you will need.

At Onux Technologies you will work with an experienced account manager who not only has knowledge of sales, but how to bring this all together and work with our team. You have a single point of contact which will reduce the finger pointing process that may occur when working with a team.

Brand Development

Our goal is to develop a website that creates the image and traffic you require. We combine creative graphic design skills and marketing ads that will drive traffic and sales to your website. Your company will stand out with ads and if you choose to use our website marketing service we maintain that brand image.

Manage your website

Creating a website can be a difficult process if you truly want great results. But, the more difficult part is maintaining and updating when required. Keeping up with your website can require many hours. Some of our clients want the ability to manage their own website. At Onux Technologies we can create your website with easy to use Content Management Software, that anyone with some computer knowledge and graphic designer can take it over.

Small Business Technology Services Long Island

Information Website

Many websites provide information about the organization. Such as; information about the products or services offered by the company, subjects of interest from the owner, as well as tutorials or opinions. Some websites contain forums where users ask questions and discuss matter concerning the the company services.

Industries that usually prefer this kind of website education, health, bars, night clubs or just and independent professional.

You must know the expectations and purpose for your website. Is it to attract people to the business? Is it to provide information to the general public? Is it to make money from its ads? Or all of them? We help you with the decision process, so you may make the best of your investment.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce site is like an electronic brochure, catalog, retail storefront and even a place to provide customer support. Your website must be a good representation of your business and products or services.

An e-commerce website must provide credit card payment options in order to actually make a sale.

E-commerce sites can be costly to maintain with some website development companies. Constantly adding new products or price changes. But at Onux Technologies we can create your website with this in mind and provide special access that your company can manage these tasks yourselves. Providing a great deal of savings and allowing you total control of these daily tasks.

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Responsive Design

With responsive designing we make your websites available across multiple devices without affecting the beauty of its design. We will prepare your website for the future of mobile website browsing.

Website Design Services Long Island

Why pay as you go for your business website...

The reason why most small business owners are late to getting a website is because the initial investment to get them started.
So many small business owners want to sell more or attract more clients, and therefore taking their business to the next level.

Some business are left out of an internet presence and others are stuck with an old fashion, out dated or poorly designed website.

Paying as you go for a website is the cost efficient answer to getting a new website, updating existing or maybe even upgrade to an e-commerce website for the purpose of selling on line.

Computer Networking Services Long Island

One Page

Single page website that provide a basic presence on the internet.

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Business Basic

Basic website to introduce your company presence and basic product or service offering....

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Website Development Services Long Island

Service/Product Pro

This website offers a more detailed introduction of your company presence, with a much....

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Computer Network Support NYC

Basic Ecommerce

This website is similar to Service Pro, but also Provides the ability to sell product on-line...

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Computer Network Support Long Island

E-Basic Store

This website is perfect for companies that sell multiple product.This website....

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Network Design Services NYC

E-Mega Store

Offers Companies with a massive amount of product the ability to offer all product on line....

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Whats Included?

All websites include: Logo design (if required), Graphic design, content writing (collaborated with client) and Website template.

Additional Services


    Create social media links from website to social media accounts. Provide profile cover images.(Available for 3 social media sites).


    Create link for Google Analytics to monitor the progress of advertising campaigns.


    Setup the on page content and HTML source code with keyword that will be used to optimize the off-site SEO functions in order to increase page ranking.


    Setup list of all pages on a website,typically organized in a hierachical fashion in order to make website accessible to crawlers or users.


    Register your companies website name and provide hosting of the website.


    Setup a periodic backup routine for website files. Provide a restore procedure in case of corrupt files or website attacks.


    Setup user emails on desired email client software for ease of email accessibility.

Services & Pricing

Getting a website for your company is just the first step in creating your online presence. You need to regularly update and enhance your website to keep it relevant to your customers.With Go Web Design you can have a custom website which you can update anytime easily(or get the Go Web Design team to update your website for a small hourly fee).

At Go Web Design, we offer an extensive list of web development services that can be customized according to your company's needs and budget. Our list of services include professional web design, web hosting,domain registration,online payment setup, search engine marketing,advanced company presentations,logo and corporate identity design.

Website Development Services Long Island

What's Included ?

An affordable responsive website package that is a perfect starting point for businesses and professionals who want to get online or for those who want a new modern look for their existing website.


Home page and 4 additional pages

We design a home page & 4 additional pages of your choice. About us,biogtaphy,Services,products,contact etc...


On-Site SEO

We design a home page & 4 additional pages of your choice. About us,biogtaphy,Services,products,contact etc...


Website Analytics

We design a home page & 4 additional pages of your choice. About us,biogtaphy,Services,products,contact etc...


Custom web design

We provide several template option for you to select from. After that we Start custom designing all your pages.


CMS Tools for website editing

We provide several template option for you to select from. After that we Start custom designing all your pages.


Google Sitemap

We provide several template option for you to select from. After that we Start custom designing all your pages.


Give Your company or organization a online presence or an online makeover!

website Development


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